Scientists develop a new battery that could revolutionize the Renewable sector


Scientists have come up with an array that stores electricity to intensify the use of renewable energy. This new tech entails the storage of energy in solutions, and power liberation is by electrolysis. The USC scientists say that this version is the best in terms of cost and availability of components. 

Sri Narayan, a chemistry professor at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, states that the new battery is cheap, secure, and environmentally friendly. The storage of renewable energy for renewable power is a challenge because the availability of wind and sun rays does not correspond with demand. 

The scientists center on redox flow battery because it uses electrochemical energy to provide power. Several tests show that this technology is essential for renewables. They have been able to utilize various fluids like iron sulfate solution in the deployment of the storage of renewable energy. This fluid is cheap and available in surplus. Combining this fluid with anthraquinone disulfonic acid shows the potential of mass-energy storage, especially for renewables. The cost of storing electricity with this tech is far cheaper than using vanadium-based redox batteries. 

The researchers find it thrilling to use the iron-AQDS battery due to its advantages over other technologies. This battery is easy to recharge and is recyclable. It is, therefore, durable for large scale storage of energy. 

Surya Prakash, Narayan’s associate scientist, says that the materials of use in this tech are imperishable. Prakash explains that this is since carbon-based feedstocks can generate AQDS, an essential component of the battery-make. 

This technology is also advantageous in comparison to Lithium-ion batteries. The overconsumption of Lithium-ion batteries by electric vehicles and electronics raises its cost. This tech is less-explored, cheap, and able to store energy long without failure to recharge. 

With this new technology, the exploration of renewable energy is going to be a success. The storage of this energy is going to ensure a continuous supply of electricity for over 600000 homes. These iron-AQDS batteries are the first in decades that are durable, rechargeable, and reusable. Additionally, they are economically feasible. They are also part of the clean energy under study. With such a technology, it is possible to create a charging station for the EVs and therefore make the society eco-friendly. 

The invention of this new battery is going to maximize the exploration of renewable energy. There’s going to be a paradigm shift in the automobile industry when the new vehicles adopt renewable technology to become EVs. 

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