The second stage of the Nurek Hydropower Rehabilitation Project begins in Tajikistan.



The Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank agree with the cashing in of $50 million into the second stage of the Nurek Hydropower Rehabilitation Project from the IDA. This project is one of the major shapers of the Tajikistan energy system. 

The Tajikistan World Bank Country Manager Jan-Peter Olters says that the launch of the second phase of the Nurek HPP will sustain the energy demands of the citizens of this nation. The integration of climatic advantages of this renewable energy source and its capacity to offer employment opportunities for the locals conjugates this into a crucial investment for recuperation from the coronavirus pandemic. This project will produce half of the energy needed in Tajikistan. The project is currently operating at 75% since its inception in 1972.

On completion of the project, the government will be relieved of its duty to supply power during winter. This ideology is because Nurek HPP will supply approximately 300 million kWh of electricity. Additionally, the country will be an exporter of electricity from hydro facilities once the Central Asian Power System and the CASA-1000 transmission line are integrated. This integration will produce more revenue to sustain the power industry, therefore, reduce tariff changes.

The first stage of Nurek HPP boasts of enjoying financing from the Eurasian Development Bank ($40 million), the World Bank ($225 million), and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank ($60 million). These funds have facilitated the rollout of the project.

The firm focuses on the recreation of the production units and replacing the power equipment to enhance the release of the produced electricity and for the satisfactory detection of seismic waves. On the other hand, the World Bank is colluding with the government to open a venture with Barqi Tojik (BT). The second stage of the Nurek HPP will facilitate the regeneration of the other power units. Additionally, the project will support the HPP’s capability to run the power plant.

The R & D program hopes to facilitate the safety of both Nurek HPP and BT in the operation of their hydro facilities and support the dam safety measures. The second stage has a funding of $192 million from the Tajikistan government to complete the establishment. The government hopes it can focus on other projects while this hydropower project is operating smoothly.

Finally, Tajikistan is investing over $530 million in energy-related projects to counteract power outages during cold winters. This move ensures the provision of electricity to families and commercial businesses continuously and in every climatic season.