SpaceX’s Crew Dragon not Excellent for Veterans


Veteran astronauts mock NASA by requesting for a window on the Crew Dragon spacecraft. To their surprise, this new design has windows on the crew capsule. Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley’s requests signify the customization of this spacecraft.

Bob says that the goal of the craft is not to resemble the famous comedy “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” This statement follows the predicament that the two (Bob and Doug) might be real-life ensamples of the comic.

The veterans are full of praises for NASA since its consideration to consider their requests. They admit that the future astronauts must expect their inputs in the spacecraft. It follows their consistent advice to the engineers on the manufacture of the Crew Dragon.

The veteran astronauts are hopeful that future astronauts consider their display as a suitable arrangement. Elon Musk reveals that the Crew Dragon is an idea he thought of as a new mode of transport. He says that it is exhilarating to witness the first capsule that follows different customization.

Musk reiterates that the launch of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is a massive milestone in their advancement of space technology. He hopes that this challenges new space firms to come up with vast technology.

Benji Reed, director of crew missions, says that Crew Dragon is an update for the previous manual controls. He singles out safety and reliability as the goal of the new piece. Reed further declares that they also aim for beauty. 

Reed assures that the new cockpit replaces the robust manual control system. He says that it is simpler to touch in commands than to twist and punch knobs for motion. The huge touchscreens are digitalizing the control of the craft. 

Bob and Doug admit that NASA is open yo suggestions on the adjustment of the craft. They agree that collaboration is the product of their mission to space. Therefore, the Crew Dragon is a mix of Bob and Doug touches as well as NASA engineers.

The Velcros are vital for the proper swerve of the craft. The astronauts are going to employ Velcros as a method to acclimate to the ship. The color is dependent on the astronauts’ choice. The two hope that their Velcros choice does not impede the future astronauts from varying the Velcro colors.

To conclude, though the Crew Dragon is not as excellent as the comedy’s imitation, the astronauts are going to enjoy a new outlook. The bird is an eye-catcher taking into account the categoric finishing by the NASA engineers.

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