Increasing Demand for Coronavirus Diagnostics Market Revenue Growth During 2020 – 2030

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Coronavirus diagnostics offers symptomatic management to the infectious diseases which are caused due to respiratory pathogens related to a myriad range of clinical ailments. Coronavirus diagnostics method can distinguish the member of coronaviruses family which is single-stranded, big and positive-sense RNA viruses. Additionally, coronavirus diagnostics serve the disease management to different kinds of human coronaviruses, such as; CoV-OC43, CoV-229E and SARS-CoV-2 which were discovered in a different period starting from the 1960s. As of 1 April 2020, the total number of coronavirus cases has reached 861,113 out of which 42,385 people have died and 178,560 have recovered around because of the coronavirus disease. The prevalence of coronaviruses is growing due to varied environmental conditions and lack of expertise consequently these will escalate the growth of coronavirus diagnostics market.

The emerging demand for coronavirus diagnostics is largely arising from the increasing requirement of automated ventilation which is utilized during respiratory failure at the time of oxygen treatment. The major factor driving the growth of coronavirus diagnostics market is increasing prevalence of coronaviruses’ cases coupled with growing awareness about precautions. As well as due to the presence of numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and research laboratories in the developed countries will boost the growth of coronavirus diagnostics market. The endlessly increasing public health concerns across the world are fueling the demand for coronavirus diagnostics market. Moreover, the growing support from the number of healthcare agencies, less number of market players and continuous increasing incidence will also increase the probabilities for adopting coronavirus diagnostics techniques consequently increasing demand for coronavirus diagnostics market.

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The global Coronavirus diagnostics market is segmented on the basis of Test, User, Symptoms, End User and Geography:

  • Coronavirus diagnostics market Segmentation By Test
    • Remote
    • Point-Of-Care
  • Coronavirus diagnostics market Segmentation by User
    • Single
    • Multiple
  • Coronavirus diagnostics market Segmentation by Symptoms
    • Mild  common cold
    • cough
    • fever
    • tiredness
    • difficulty breathing (severe cases)
  • Coronavirus diagnostics market Segmentation by End User
    • Hospitals
    • Private or Commercial Labs
    • Public Health Labs
    • Physician Labs
    • Specialty Clinics
    • Others

Global economic growth hugely decreases due to the global spread of coronavirus disease.  As per WHO, coronavirus infections have expanded consistently across the globe and it has created a threat to public health. According to the World Health Organization, the transfer of the novel coronavirus from person-to-person is due to touching of the surfaces contaminated with the novel coronavirus and also respiratory drops of novel coronavirus patient. Whereas, by the WHO there is no specific antivirus therapy has been recommended for coronavirus which indicating the high demand and requirement for coronavirus diagnostics market. But, to prevent the disease the global healthcare agency has provided certain guidelines to coronavirus diagnostics market including non-invasive protective mechanical ventilation, and oxygen therapy. Even the intake of alpha-interferon and lopinavir/ritonavir is allowed by WHO for the diagnosis of coronavirus.

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Geographically, the global coronavirus diagnostics market is segmented into regions such as Latin America, Europe, North America, South Asia, East Asia Middle East & Africa and Oceania. America is projected to emerge as a prominent market in the global coronavirus diagnostics market because of higher incidence of coronavirus disease as well as government spending a huge amount on the coronavirus diagnostics due to high morbidity and mortality rate. In Europe region, specifically in Italy global coronavirus diagnostics market is expected to hold a prominent share due to day by day growing outbreak of coronavirus patient and developed healthcare technology. The coronavirus diagnostics market in south Asia and East Asia is expected to grow substantially due to the increasing awareness and diagnostics centers facilities dedicated to coronavirus diagnostics.

Some of the major key players competing in the global coronavirus diagnostics Market are F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Abbott Laboratories, Cepheid Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., altona Diagnostics GmbH, Thermo Fisher Scientific, GlaxoSmithKline plc., Becton, Dickinson and Company, Beckman Coulter Inc. and Beckman Coulter Inc. among others.

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