Commercial Ceiling Cassette Market

Commercial Ceiling Cassette Market 2020 – 2030 Prominent Players: Hitachi, Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LG Electronics, Modine Manufacturing

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Commercial Ceiling Cassette Market: Introduction

The commercial ceiling cassette is an air conditioning unit that is mounted on the ceiling of the building. The commercial ceiling cassette is known as cartridge air conditioner. Since the cold air falls towards the floor of the building the commercial ceiling cassette provides exceptional coverage and it also covers fairly large room. Commercial ceiling cassette exceptionally quiet because condenser is located outside the building.

Although commercial ceiling cassette units are mainly covered within a suspended roof and it is also easy to retrofit and it can be installed quickly and without any disruption. The main advantage of a commercial ceiling cassette is aesthetics and it also a centrally mounted unit, which delivers an increased cooling capacity across a wide area since air being spread in four directions. The minimum room temperature that can be sustained by commercial ceiling cassette is nearly 22 to 25 degree Celsius depending upon the commercial requirement.

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Commercial Ceiling Cassette Market: Dynamics

A commercial ceiling cassette plays a vital role in providing comfort for the modern-day commercial applications. Commercial ceiling cassette helps in maintaining a persistent temperature to support commercial institutions such as hospitals, retail stores, etc. To enhance the efficiency of the commercial ceiling cassette various manufactures are providing advanced technology such as variable speed fans, auto surrounding speeds, and adjustable thermostats, which result in driving the demand for the commercial ceiling cassette market.

Key market participants in the commercial ceiling cassette market are focusing on product innovation according to growing customer demands. For instance, manufacturers are developing self-diagnosis mode, ideal compact commercial ceiling cassettes with better efficiency and low operating costs. Typically, a single unit of the commercial ceiling cassette can do the same job as 3 or 4 wall mounted air conditioner (A/C) units which results in driving the demand for the commercial ceiling cassette. In developing countries, respective governments are significantly investing in the development of infrastructure in the commercial sector, which is expected to drive the demand for the commercial ceiling cassette market.

The presence of other substitute products such as wall-mounted A/C, ceiling suspended air conditioner, centralized A/C among others are competing along with the commercial ceiling cassette.

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Commercial Ceiling Cassette Market: Segmentation

The commercial ceiling cassette market can be segmented on the basis of product type, by capacity and by application

On the basis of product type, the commercial ceiling cassette can be segmented as:

  • Ducted Commercial Ceiling Cassette
  • Ductless Commercial Ceiling Cassette

On the basis of capacity, the commercial ceiling cassette can be segmented as:

  • Less than 5.8 kW
  • 5.8 to 14 kW
  • More than 14 kW

On the basis of Application, the commercial ceiling cassette can be segmented as:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Medical Industry
  • Retail Stores
  • Others

Commercial Ceiling Cassette Market: Regional Outlook

Europe is projected to have a prominent market share given the high number of hospitals, research centers and office buildings in the region. The surging growth of construction industry in Asian countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia is expected to drive the demand for the commercial ceiling cassette. North America is expected to register considerable growth in the commercial ceiling cassette market because of the well-established commercial and retail buildings such as malls and showrooms in the region.

The Middle East & Africa commercial ceiling cassette market is likely to witness moderate growth as compared to other regions, although GCC countries could witness a fraction of opportunity due to the infrastructure development in the region especially in UAE and Qatar. Latin America is expected to record a decent growth over the foreseen year owing to increasing infrastructure investment in Brazil and Mexico region.

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Commercial Ceiling Cassette Market: Key Participants

List of some of the prominent market participants in Commercial ceiling cassette market are:

  • Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • LG Electronics
  • Modine Manufacturing
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Carrier Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd.
  • Johnson Controls
  • Airconco UK Ltd
  • Transcold